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His mother finds a discarded lipstick which makes wearers insult everybody and Nobita comes home to find her and his father shouting insults at each other. Currently It supports 55 formats of video downloads. Nobita's mother and uncle give him money but the envelope is empty.

doraemon cartoon in telugu
He also has a dorayaki encyclopedia to find the nearest and best dorayaki shops. Suneo wants to be a designer and Gian a model so they put on a show for the other kids but Doraemon sabotages the camera and instead of a smart new outfit, Gian is suddenly naked. Nobita changes with Shizuka because she does not want to meet a new prime, but she is upset when Nobita in her body behaves like a hooligan. The episode ends with falling down the stairs. However, he learned that Belle has a fiance whom she would do whatever it takes to revive him. It debuted at on September 4, 2008 solo through September 14. Nobita and his family come back from an awful camping experience, so Doraemon introduces Nobita and Shizuka to camping, 22nd century style. Suneo used to be jealous of Nobita because he has a cool robot doraemon cartoon in telugu but it is shown now that he is pretty responsible with his own friendship with Doraemon, and does not envy Nobita as much anymore. So he uses the time cloth to make himself an adult and goes to rescue her.

He had been in London before. Things start off well, but everything revolts against Nobita and things end up worse than before, just as his mother comes home.

doraemon cartoon in telugu

Doraemon ghost episodes in telugu video & mp3 songs. - He also has a dorayaki encyclopedia to find the nearest and best dorayaki shops.

doraemon cartoon in telugu

This list is ; you can help by. Then invites him to play , but when they get to the place they usually play gets turned into a place to put materials. Then takes out a camera which can make miniature versions of buildings. They successfully make Nobita Land and invited their friends to play, but it gets destroyed by Nobita's Mother in the end. The episode ends with all the scrap metal landing on. He goes up stairs and finds a box of. He eats a cat shaped one and then takes the box to the visitor, who eats four of the biscuits. Then his mother reminds him to buy the desserts. He then goes to buy desserts and to his shock, turns into a cat for five minutes. Later, Nobita and Doraemon then try to stop his mother from seeing the transformation happening on the visitor. The episode ends with Nobita's father fainting upon seeing that Nobita's mother had turned into a rabbit after eating a biscuit. Doraemon gives him some which Nobita eats and understands the work. Later, he relaxed and ate desserts until he became full, but Doraemon forces him to eat extra memory bread. The episode ends with vomiting and re-eating memory bread from the start the very next day and his mother telling him he will be late for school. Then he puts a emblem on Nobita and the other S emblem on. The episode ends with ignoring when he pleads for help. Angry Gian then knocks Nobita down, causing him to be late. Doraemon tries to aid Nobita with a Wrestling Killer tool. At first, Nobita mistakes it for a , but later understand how it works and uses it to knock down. Later tricks him and he sets the tool to knock Suneo down, but accidentally caused it to turn against him. He then wastes ¥100 trying to stop the tool. The episode ends with falling down the stairs. Then they go to the future and they try to find 's bride, who turns out to be. Then they almost get beaten up by Nobita's son in the future due to a mix-up, for Nobita's son looked just like him. The two escaped with injury and find Shizuka in Nobita's house presenting him with a present. The episode ends with Shizuka and Nobita walking together. He then open a book and tells that if he goes out, he will wind up in the hospital because he will be hit by a truck. Eventually, after near-accidents, they make it there but when he opens the door he gets hit by a toy truck on the head. The episode ends with laughing with. First use of flying hats. They get into a drawer which leads to them travelling on a time machine and end up ten billion years in the past. After shrinking one dinosaur, Doraemon cannot find his gun but they manage to escape the second one, with Nobita leaving his glasses behind, which are found in the present time, to the amazement of scientists. Suneo agreed to help Nobita cover up his crime, on the condition that he must do whatever Suneo wants. Fearing his teacher, Nobita reluctantly agreed. Along the way, Suneo and his friends taunt Nobita about the vase. Doraemon furiously takes out a tool that spies on Suneo's house, and Nobita finds out that Suneo had a habit of bedwetting. Suneo's plan backfired when Nobita taunted him with his secret bedwetting habit. In the end, Suneo's friends wanted to taunt Nobita by making him do a headstand and bark like a dog, but Suneo, fearing that Nobita may uncover his secret, did the headstand. Cowardly Nobita has 3 others try it first and they all get good luck. A little boy takes the gun and shoots Nobita with a black bullet and he gets all bad luck. Gian steals it and uses it in an exam to get 100% but his father thinks he is cheating and beats him. Suneo and Gian are now Nobita's friends. Gian gets the only jet plane and shoots the others down, then afterward rests on top of the , only to have his model plane fall off, stranding him there. Nobita finds he is not ready to leave home yet. Gian steals it so Doraemon becomes a tough teacher as he trains Nobita to walk on stilts. The mechanical stilt horse runs amok in Gian's house. Doraemon gives him a cupid's bow whose arrows will cause anyone he shoots to love him. The first arrow hits a dog, then an ugly girl. An ugly man accidentally shoots Doraemon. Finally an arrow hits the girl and she falls for Nobita but he ends up being chased by the ugly girl who still has a love arrow in her. The owner lets him have it after he rescues it from a dog and he uses 22nd century technology to make it as real as he is, only to find out that it too is a male cat. Nobita misuses it and ends up getting stark naked in front of Shizuka and his other friends. Nobita quickly flees and on the way home, gets caught by a cop for naked-walking. Just when it seemed that the worst was possibly behind him, the stark naked Nobita gets witnessed by a few gorgeous girls, who just couldn't believe their eyes but tried to make Nobita feel as vulnerable as possible by even laughing at the unforeseen sight. Nobita finally manages to get hold of the cell phone and orders a few 22nd century clothes for himself. Unfortunately, however, it was too little too late as he had already been caught stark naked in front of quite a big party. Doraemon gets an arrow through his head but just pulls it out. The beautiful young girl who gave Nobita's father chocolate when he was hungry as a boy turns out to be Nobita. His father tells him that he had received chocolate from a girl when he was a child, so Nobita and Doraemon go to the past to find out who the girl was. Nobita falls into a pond and gets wet, and Doraemon gives him a piece of cloth to wear which makes him look like a girl. They spot Nobita's father coming to the edge of the pond, and Doraemon gives Nobita chocolate which he goes and gives to his father. Nobita uses it on a thief. Nobi, Nobita's father has lost his wallet so using a camera which can photograph past events, Nobita and Doraemon track it down. At dinner, Nobita's mother and father have conflicting memories on who proposed first. They fight, and Doraemon takes Nobita to find out just what happened. On the day of the proposal, they see Nobita's future father running late. To teach him a lesson, Nobita's future mother pretends to walk off, but decides to go back to him once it appears he has suffered long enough. It seems, however, that she has very and she picked another man who happens to be similarly built and dressed. Nobita's father stalks off. Once Nobita's mother puts on her and realizes she has the wrong man, she goes after him, but sees him embracing his sister and misinterprets this to be his quick recovery from their break-up. To rectify the situation, Doraemon uses a that transforms into each of their parents and tells the other the thing they remembered at dinner. They marry, but Nobita realizes they didn't solve the problem of who proposed first. Once returned to his own time, Nobita expects his parents to have divorced, but surprisingly, they have decided who proposed first doesn't matter and made up on their own. Nobita inadvertently traps 3 of his friends at home all afternoon and Gian promises revenge. Cry baby Nobita moans to Doraemon who gives him a pad where anything he writes in it comes true. His mother finds a discarded lipstick which makes wearers insult everybody and Nobita comes home to find her and his father shouting insults at each other. Against his will Doraemon takes them back 8 years. Nobita upsets his mother who doesn't recognize him as her 3-year-old son. Again upsetting his then mother and self, his grandmother protects him again and he shows her what he looks like in his school uniform before leaving. The alien is upset, being called for no good reason but they manage to placate it with beer. Nobita's mother upsets it and it wants to invade the Earth but is again placated by Nobita's marble collection. But his future self is dumb because Nobita did not study and that Nobita too has a future self who turns up and complains that he is dumb too because Nobita 3 years in the future did not study either. The three of them go to the kindergarten Nobita, saying that if they want to improve their grades,they have to start from the beginning. However none of them has the heart to tell the kindergarten Nobita to study, so they return to the present time. Using Doraemon's magic mirror, what he holds up to it is copied, so he borrows toys and copies them. But Nobita also gets copied himself producing a mischievous Nobita. However, as soon as they leave, a wind blows away the paper figure of Nobita which then has a number of adventures. Cunning Suneo uses it to make Doraemon become his friend. A time machine helps him find out what really happened. Doraemon produces a small robot which takes 100 yen from anyone who does something bad, to get money for a new ball. Bully Gian quickly falls foul of it. Unfortunately he forgets to tell Nobita that they vanish after a time, leaving him hanging high up in the air. Nobita ruins a man's art collection trying it out. Gian and Suneo dig it up, not realizing that the wishes it grants are always wrong. This done, Nobita uses it to shock people. Not knowing this, Shizuka wants Nobita to take a picture of her. But the robot gets jealous of Shizuka and angry when Nobita's mother shouts at him. Doraemon gives him a machine which controls clouds and he uses it to scare Shizuka and a friend as well as Gian. He becomes convinced he is adopted so he and Doraemon go back ten years in the past to find out the truth. Gian and Suneo are angry and move Nobita's target. Unfortunately, the images sent startle people. At last, they succeeded to use it for advertisement. Being upset at this, he retreats into a giant snail shell Doraemon gave him and nothing can touch him in there. Nobita and Doraemon go back into the past to stop the theft. Doraemon uses bracelets to control them and the cats become obedient mousers in the neighborhood. Nobita ends up making his vacation fly by as he tries to please everyone. He realizes that Shizuka is his best girlfriend. Or if it is an immovable object like a tree, you can travel to the scene. Once they leave home they can't find their way back. Nobita tries not to leave home but does and gets lost. A bribe stick given to someone makes them do what you want, and Nobita takes Suneo's place on the team. In the desert scene they see a man dying of thirst. He gets angry and resolves to do bad things, which all turn out good. Doraemon uses a spray which makes boys behave like girls and girls behave like boys. Nobita doesn't like the result and even less when he finds it has affected his parents too. The Pengpeng leaf, placed on the dog's head causes it to swap places with its owner, so the dog has a day of freedom as the human being while the owner is chained up as the dog. Doraemon hits him over the head with the forgotten hammer which causes his memories to be projected on a wall. When Nobita puts it in his ear, he hears lots of funny stuff which makes him laugh uncontrollably. This first upsets his mother, then his friends who thinks he is laughing at them. He decides to help him by going 150 million years into the past to get some real dinosaurs to replace the poor models they use in the show. Doraemon fixes his time machine to a hut door so when Tai and his producers walk through the door, they are back 150 million years ago. He wishes he was a baby again, so Doraemon sends his soul back to his baby body and his mother fusses a lot over him. Nobita comes back to the present to find his mother very upset as she thought he had died and realizes she does really still care about him. Doraemon and Nobita use the mini sub from episode 41 to recover it from inside her, but play a trick on her which results in Nobita swallowing an eraser, which will have to be recovered. He finds that he is represented as cowardly and a cry baby in all his friend's dreams, and even in his own dreams. It fools Nobita then Gian who also tries it on. It gives him the power to fly when someone blows a flute, but it is cursed in that he must help one hundred people before he is able to take it off again and even if the bath will still have to go if a flute is blown. Nobita cannot remember what he has done with the money he and Doraemon has saved. Instead of using the hammer from episode 84, Doraemon uses a machine which projects memories on a wall. Then Japan suffers a major typhoon which is heading towards their house which has a loose roof and the little typhoon goes out to try and stop it. Doraemon gives him a small mechanical bug which if you predict something, it can come true. The problem is that Nobita is a pessimist who thinks the worst, and it was last week's comic he was using. Doraemon gives him a wonder rope one of many he has , a harness which enables a cat or dog to be like riding a horse. Nobita falls off a cat, then a dog and as he saddles the second dog, along comes Gian and Suneo riding a cat and a dog. Shizuka gets on the dog Nobita just saddled and they ride off, leaving him alone again. Nobita does not want to try them so Doraemon has a few speed pills and rushes everywhere fast, then ready to slow back to normal, he takes what he thinks are slow pills but are more speed pills and rushes everywhere like a speed demon. Then Nobita accidentally takes slow pills and becomes even slower and his parents try some fast pills, thinking they are sweets. But their mothers learn of this, so can find their kids to scold or punish them. The kids decide to find Nobita to scold and punish him. But he ends up coming home without the bird which he has forgotten. Doraemon has a vending machine which is also a time machine. Example: You can use it to buy things at prices in 1925 so very cheap and Nobita makes money selling cut price things to his friends. He decides to try some sweets from the future 2561 AD and they are heavenly, but so is the price of 230,000 yen which Nobita cannot pay. Nobita's father dreams that his father tells him to be strict with Nobita so he gives Nobita a hard time. Nobita and Doraemon travel back to the past and find Grandpa is very strict but secretly has a heart of gold. They explain to him and he goes 30 years to the future to tell dad to be kind to Nobita. The other kids beat Nobita at paper sumo, where paper figures fight each other, so Doraemon produces special paper from which Nobita makes a paper sumo a few inches high but stronger than a real sumo. Gian is being taught judo by his father and teaches it to Nobita, by beating him up. Doraemon produces a black belt which when worn makes anyone a judo expert, but anyone who touches Nobita gets thrown including Shizuka and their teacher. Nobita uses it at home on a pot and their bath to produce an ornate bath, but then everything goes downhill from there, especially when he uses it on himself and Doraemon and one part of him wants to go out to play while the other part wants to sleep. Doraemon and Nobita hit on making an underwater volcano erupt to produce lava which will make them their own offshore island where they will not have to pay rent. It works but everyone wants a piece of the island, then the government take it over. Doraemon produces a telephone booth which you can use wishes for so Nobita wishes for a world without money. What he gets is a world full of money that no one wants. Get a model kit worth 26,000 yen and the shop keeper gives you the money as well as the kit. Pick pockets put money in people's pockets and beggars try to give away money. Nobita for once has a fortune that he does not want. It even makes stupid Nobita smart. Nobita writes out a schedule but unfortunately Doraemon puts it in the clock so is forced to do all the things regardless of circumstance, like watching a TV that is broken and playing baseball in heavy rain. Nobita is going to try it out with his friends but a bank robber wants to use it. Suneo is jealous of Nobita's flying fish so steals the food and gets his sea captain uncle to use it on fish out at sea. A box arrives for Suneo and when opened is full of deep sea flying fish monsters. Doraemon uses a model flying house which when it finds an ideal place, can move their house there. After two bad choices, Nobita moves the house out into the country where he and Doraemon play in the forest for a while, then back to the city. However, his mother has left the house and is now marooned miles from anywhere. After a bad tryout, Nobita settles on adventure but then comes up against all sorts of monsters before finding treasure. Doraemon is his dog in the dream. Suneo grabs it and writes some bad things about Nobita, ending with him being eaten by a lion. The bad things start to happen as predicted. He throws a book and it goes back on the shelf where it should be. He is too lazy to walk to Shizuka's house so throws himself to see her, not knowing she is a long way away. The kids use the speech balloons to get their own back on Gian who has been bullying them. Nobita cannot eat them all and suddenly finds himself with lots of cakes on his hands. Even his mom and friends cannot manage them all so as the cakes begin to pile up, and would cover the Earth in just a day, so Doraemon sends them into space. Doraemon produces the equivalent of a before the show had them and it is like skiing in real snow on a real mountain, but it becomes a bit too real, leaving them both in trouble. Nobita wants a lock so Doraemon gives him a key which can lock anything. Once done, only the user can open or shut it, using the words: Open Sesame or Close Sesame. The episode ends up with Nobita locked out of the house in heavy rain because he has a cold which has changed his voice so the key no longer recognizes him. This finally backfires when he uses it on Gian who unknowingly sits on tiny Nobita, and farts. Things start off well, but everything revolts against Nobita and things end up worse than before, just as his mother comes home. However Doraemon has many umbrellas but unfortunately they are all novelty ones like a bat umbrella that flies and carries his father away. It ends with Nobita putting time back 3 hours so he can do the homework he forgot and his father thinking he left work three hours too early so rushing back there. Doraemon produces a ray which allows Nobita to be the main character in a story, TV show or anywhere else, and while Suneo just turns out to be one in a crowd, Nobita gets to be the lead in the show he has Nobita's face, voice, etc. This leads to the robot stealing Suneo's cake and beating up Gian, unknown by Nobita till he meets them later both have guessed the robot could have only come from Nobita. Nobita decides to use the time machine to win some money on the lottery. The tickets are printed out with a number and Nobita has no money to buy a ticket but sees his father buy a ticket worth 300,000,000 yen. The family are planning what to do with the money only to find out his father has taken his mother's moan seriously and sold the ticket to someone else. Suneo manages to upset his mother, Gian and Shizuka using it and they end up chasing him. One of Gian's friends looks exactly like Nobita, even to the clothes. Suneo has got a game which allows him to print his own small newspaper. His first edition comes with a picture of Nobita hitting the ground after Gian has thrown him. Doraemon gives Nobita a machine which will find news and print it but Nobita's run of bad luck goes from bad to worse as more ridiculous pictures of him are taken. Shizuka's uncle is an art critic and thinks Nobita's picture is childish so Doraemon gives him a toy that will make anyone think any painting is the best one ever. Nobita loses it and someone else gets all the praise. Nobita is jealous of Suneo who is going far from Tokyo to ski. Doraemon's machine enables any section drawn in chalk to be exchanged for a section of land elsewhere. They end up changing the park at night for a snow-covered mountain so Nobita can try skiing. Mimi, a little girl comes to visit and Nobita who wants to play baseball with his friends has to play with her and her dolls. Doraemon animates the dolls but they become like real people and want nothing to do with Mimi, getting Nobita into more trouble. When Gian's father is hit by a car, Nobita first goes back to identify the car, then again to prevent the accident. Gian later beats Nobita up for pushing his father over. A screen and boomerang device lets Nobita be anywhere dangerous for a very short time, before returning him to safety. His mother interferes and Nobita almost becomes shark food. A wand device allows the people at either end to change bodies. Nobita changes with Shizuka because she does not want to meet a new tutor, but she is upset when Nobita in her body behaves like a hooligan. Nobita finds he is the guilty person in both cases. Nobita's father likes a good drink so for his birthday, Doraemon gives him some pills which make tap water become fine whiskey. Nobita's father gets drunk. Nobita's mother who is against drinking gets drunk and even Nobita too. Nobita's legs hurt from standing outside class because he forgot his textbook so Doraemon gives him a box with a snake's head which like Medusa turns his legs to stone pull the head and his legs become flesh again , so he can stand for hours without discomfort. On the way home, Nobita loses the Gold Boa and it starts turning people to stone, so must be recaptured. The gang are drawing and Nobita is hopeless so Doraemon gives him a special cap and 14th pencil which allows him to draw perfectly in color anything he can think of. He helps a man get his missing money back using the cap and pencil then goes to the gang with a drawing so good they think he is trying to pass a photo off as a drawing. Shizuka is to be in a play so Doraemon gives her a belt more like a very long scarf which allows her to float through the air, but also causes her some trouble. The gang are drawing their own comic strips and Nobita is struggling so Doraemon gives him some cartoon paper which can display on it as a drawing anything he thinks of. In a huge can for peace and quiet, Nobita draws a cartoon of himself as a mighty hero, saving Shizuka from the villainous Gian and Suneo. In time he realizes they will beat him up if they see themselves getting beaten up in the strip so he revises it so that he loses to them. Doraemon provides rolls of meadows, stream, etc. While Doraemon is out, Nobita charges his friends 10 Yen each to come in but they start a camp fire, pee in the river, etc. Not listening to Doraemon either, he eats ten pills one is normal so now will miss all his meals for the next three days. Using special balloons filled from the cylinder, they can be used to propel a car at great speed by typhoon power, or allow the gang to fly, using them like jet engines. Angry Gian uses the cylinder itself and spends all night high in the sky and so has a cold next morning. Doraemon helps him with a camera which captures her shadow so they can see what she is doing by watching it, which helps them to get rid of her unwanted guest. In thanks, she tells them all about herself. Doraemon gives him the shills pills which makes the kites fly like there is wind on this calm day. Suneo steals them and gives too many to his own fish kites costing 100,000 yen and they fly away. Doraemon gives him a drill worm which makes a hole which leads through a different space to a hole some distance away so he can get away from his mom when he wants. He uses it to get his own back on Gian and Suneo. However, Nobita misuses this gadget also. However one of the cameras they planted was the projector so people at the cinema see them instead on their screen. One day looking at her in the future with a time TV, he sees her getting stuck in a blizzard on a snowy mountain. His future self is in bed with a cold. So he uses the time cloth to make himself an adult and goes to rescue her. However, his future self rescues them later. In fact, Shizuka says that she will marry Nobita because he cannot manage his own. They soon amass quite a sum but Nobita's mother says he cannot keep it as it is stealing. Nobita tries to hand the money to the police but they don't want it so Doraemon tries to get the bees to take it back to where they found it, which is against their nature so they angrily swarm after him and Nobita. His mother is angry that he took her glasses earlier by using the bag so she could not see. When he runs away, she reaches into the bag he dropped and pulls Nobita out. Doraemon produces an octopus spray that will make people hate anyone it is used on. Nobita and his family come back from an awful camping experience, so Doraemon introduces Nobita and Shizuka to camping, 22nd century style. Doraemon converts the house to run on rails. This ends with Nobita and Doraemon overtaking the sports car on a vacuum cleaner and the car stopping only to have people dump rubbish in it, thinking it a dust cart. Nobita plans to feed them to his friends so they will help him but Gian feeds him the pills so Nobita is forced to help total strangers when he should be doing his homework. Gian is jealous of his success at catching balls so takes it but finds himself the target of many round objects. Nobita plans to use it on his friends and others but passes wind when it is in his back pocket and he is pursued by a crowd who want to hear him make that great sound again. However he produces a magic camera which follows people around and puts them on TV. Nobita doesn't do well with it but when Suneo steals it, the end is even worse when it wants to follow him into the toilet. Give half to someone and eat the other half yourself and you experience eating what the other person is eating. Nobita gets a dozen desserts this way and is too full when his mother brings in a cake, but the real problem is that Gian didn't trust Nobita and gave his half to a dog that eats from dustbins. However Nobita gets it stuck on his own head and Gian gets hold of him, but Nobita manages to get under Gian's clothes and tickle him helpless. He uses it on Gian and Suneo to give them dresses, so they beat him up and take the camera. Suneo wants to be a designer and Gian a model so they put on a show for the other kids but Doraemon sabotages the camera and instead of a smart new outfit, Gian is suddenly naked. The Moshimo Box takes him and Doraemon to a world where neither exist. His friends are there and he hopes to become big by introducing the games to people who have never played them before and beat them but again they beat him, which Doraemon finds very funny. She refuses and says to Doraemon that she will give it to him the next day, but he wants it today because of the new comic book series he hasn't bought. And his friends did and will laugh at him if he hasn't bought the comic. Doraemon gives him a checkbook out of his 4D pocket and tells him to write the amount of money on the check and sign it. Nobita writes the amount of money for the comic book, but accidentally writes 1500 yen. Nobita fears that the cashier will not accept, but he successfully buys the book and the cashier gives him 1350 yen. Nobita buys a box of toy airplanes, three cars, a big house and gives Suneo and Gian 1000 yen each with the checkbook. Nobita's mother and uncle give him money but the envelope is empty. He asks Doraemon about this, but he tells him that the checkbook's money is from a future deposit to take out and it was all used up so the envelope is empty. Doraemon takes out a calculator and finds out there will be no more money for Nobita until he is 43 years old and it is summer. Doraemon tells him to ask the cashier for check refunds and he leaves while Doraemon sleeps. This makes Nobita angry, and he and Doraemon catch a lion. The lion later develops a friendship with Nobita but they send the lion back to its place. Before it, he meets the Dog King in the night. It ends with the next evening after sending the lion back, Suneo tells Nobita to kneel down at the Dog King, which he refuses. Suneo tells the Dog King to punish Nobita, but he runs away instead. This episode has since been remade. The owner scolded Nobita even though Gian does it but he forces Nobita to admit. He scolded to Doraemon why don't the owner change the glass to metal? Doraemon give Nobita the Materials Quality Changing Machine and he change many things to another material. Gian took it but requested Doraemon to repair it after accidentally turning his house to paper house. However a magic pen allows flowers or trees drawn on paper to come alive. When Doraemon tries it to make a tree house, he unknowingly uses a bit of paper with an advert for a washing machine on the other side with drastic results. How Doraemon teaches him a lesson forms the rest of the story.